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    As part of the High School Restructuring initiative, the former academies at the John F. Kennedy Educational Complex – School of Architecture and Construction Trades (ACT), School of Business, Technology, Marketing and Finance (BTMF), School of Education and Training (SET), and School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) – are no longer active. Pathways associated with ACT, BTMF, and SET will remain. Pathways associated with STEM will now be offered at Paterson STEAM High School.

    All students who attend  the campus at 61-127 Preakness Avenue will be enrolled in a unified “John F. Kennedy High School.” John F. Kennedy High School is a nurturing environment that allows for staff and students to take risks. Our specialized pathways will provide purposeful activities to increase student engagement and academic rigor that will promote student achievement for all students. As we celebrate our cultural and ethnic diversity, we will make positive impacts on the lives of all our students and proudly serve our Paterson community. 


    61-127 Preakness Ave, Paterson, NJ 07522


  • CTE Pathway: Marketing 

    • Course 1: Introduction to Marketing 
    • Course 2: Marketing I 
    • Course 3: Marketing II/Job Training 
    • CTSO: DECA 

    CTE Pathway: Accounting and Banking

    • Course 1: Banking and Finance 
    • Course 2: Accounting I 
    • Course 3: Accounting II 
    • Internship: NJFCU Castle Credit Union 
    • Certifications: QuickBooks 
    • CTSO: FBLA 

    CTE Pathway: Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management

    • Course 1: Introduction to Logistics 
    • Course 2: Functional Areas in Logistics 
    • Course 3: Global Logistics Management
  • CTE Pathway: Education and Training 

    • Course 1: Education and Training I 
    • Course 2: Education and Training II 
    • Course 3: Education and Training III 
    • Field Experience: William Paterson University

    Pathway: Construction Trades 

    • Course 1: Construction Trades I
    • Course 2: Construction Trades II
    • Course 3: Construction Trades III

    Pathway Carpentry: 

    • Course 1: Carpentry I
    • Course 2: Carpentry II
    • Course 3: Carpentry III

    Pathway: Communications 

    • Course 1: Sports communication
    • Course 2: Writing for communications
    • Course 3: Social Media Management/Public Relations