• The Paterson Public School System employs over 30 uniformed school officers. These officers are rigorously selected and trained by the School Safety Department of the Paterson Public Schools. Paterson Public School Officers are assigned to many of Paterson's grammar schools, high schools, and academies. Public school officers play a vital role in our school system. School officers are responsible for patrolling school grounds, maintaining order, monitoring visitors coming into their building, intervening in student problems, and the protection of staff and students.

    School board officers also act as first responders to medical emergencies within the school building. All board officers are trained in CPR and 1st Responder medical procedures.

    Paterson Police Department:

    Paterson police officers also work in city schools. Police officers are stationed in city high schools and some larger elementary schools. Police officers are mainly stationed in city schools to assist school security personnel in their daily tasks.

Dalton Price