Communications Department

  • The Communications Department is responsible for all district communications and assists schools and departments in reaching their communications goals. The Communications Department is driven to promote the great work and accomplishments of Paterson Public Schools students and staff, as well as to provide families and staff with the information they need. The overall goal is to help everyone understand what Paterson Public Schools is doing.


    We accomplish this through a variety of ways, including:


    Press Releases. We strive to issue press releases as often as possible to promote Paterson Public Schools, as well as its schools, students, and staff. Press releases are also a great aid in establishing a historical record of district accomplishments and initiatives.

    Media Relations. The Communications Director is the sole media representative for the district and its schools, staff, and students (when parents give consent). The Communications Department has established relationships with local, statewide, and national media outlets. We call upon members of the media to cover the news and initiatives in the district, and we strive to be responsive to media inquiries.

    Websites. The Communications Department is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the district’s website and works with district departments to regularly update the site’s information. We also assist schools in their efforts to maintain their websites.

    Social Media. The Communications Department maintains Paterson Public Schools’ accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    Automated Phone Messages & Email Blasts. We script, translate, record, and broadcast districtwide automated phone messages and email blasts through School Messenger.

    Content Creation. We take great photographs and videos of events and activities throughout the district. We produce videos that instruct, inform, and showcase the work of our students and staff.

    Online Events. We hold and produce community forums and other online events.

    Newsletter. We regularly publish the district’s newsletter.

    Emergency Communications. We create and broadcast communications during inclement weather and other emergent situations.