• Eastside High School students, in addition to the District's core curriculum requirements, have access to the pathways and themes as detailed below. Eastside High School will provide a place where education is a shared responsibility that unites the students, school and community through successful learning experiences that will prepare everyone for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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  • CTE Pathway: Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. (JROTC)

    • Course 1: Leadership and Training I
    • Course 2: Leadership and Training II
    • Course 3: Leadership and Training III
    • Course 4: Leadeship and Training IV

    Pathway: Law and Public Safety

    • Course 1: Intro to Law and Public Safety
    • Course 2: Intro to Criminal Justice
    • Course 3: Intro to Psychology/Intro to Sociology
    • Certifications: 911/EMD Dispatcher/First Aide

    CTE Pathway: Culinary Science

    • Elective: Culinary Science and Principles of Hospitality
    • Course 1: Culinary Science I
    • Course 2: Culinary Science II
    • Course 3: Culinary Science III
    • Certifications: ServSafe, TIPS
    • CTSO: SkillsUSA
  • Pathway: Marketing

    • Elective: Culinary Science and Principles of Hospitality
    • Course 1: Introduction to Marketing
    • Course 2: Marketing I
    • Course 3: Marketing II
    • CTSO: DECA

    Pathway: Automotive Technology

    • Automotive I 
    • Automotive II
    • Automotive III

    Pathway: Cosmetology

    • Cosmetology I
    • Cosmetology II
    • Cosmetology III
    • Cosmetology IV
    • State Certification (Upon completion of 1000 hours and examination.)