• Congratulations Mrs. Sosa for your Recognition as the 2023 Exemplary Educator in a New Jersey Public School. The Multilingual Learners are privileged to have you as their teacher.  The Department of Multilingual Learners/ESL/World Languages are honored to have you on our team!


  • Paterson Public Schools has over 4,000 English Language Learners.  Each day our schools receive more students. We are constantly seeking out ways to meet this growing population. The  Paterson Public Schools district is its own melting pot of over 30 languages. If you walk through the streets of this great city, you will see the signs of all these diverse cultural communities and their linguistic fabric represented in various locations. 

    Research shows that providing students with the opportunity to learn and master subject matter in their first language will allow students to transfer knowledge into their second language. Our schools consist of unique rigorous Bilingual/ESL and World Languages programs focused on teaching our students through different dimensions of instruction. The belief that each child matters is at the heart of all of our efforts and we are dedicated to creating language programs and providing services that promote the success of all our students.

    Core Beliefs

    To prepare students for bi-literate and bicultural success at the college / university of their choosing, so they can be successful, responsible and productive citizens in a multicultural and global society within their chosen career.

    “Teaching for Tomorrow: Connecting the World through Education and Language


    • To lead our urban youth in the Bilingual/Bi-Literate/ESL/WL programs for New Jersey.
    • Provide students with high quality language learning that will facilitate multiple linguistic and cultural competencies.
    • To enable foreign language learners the opportunity of becoming competent in speaking, reading, writing and comprehending the English language.
    • To enable students to participate effectively in the regular school programs

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