• Our Mission

    The mission of our department is to ensure that every parent has the tools necessary to give their children the best possible chance for success. Our drive is to fill in the gaps where parents may not know the best practices for student competency in their academic skill set. Having a holistic approach of full parental involvement, professionalized staff members, and a clear partnership-based approach, can eliminate the social-economic obstacles they face.

    Our Vision

    We value education; it is essential to challenge their critical thinking skills, while implementing an individualized educational plan to assist students strive for academic success. However, we empathize and understand that they are emotional and social beings that need a combination of care and love to be effective learners. That entails understanding the realities our children come from. To believe that every child comes from a cookie-cutter household is a disservice to them. By knowing that each household the child comes from may not be the most optimal for child development is one of the key factors in turning around a child.
    However, the focus cannot be on the person but the system they come from. Be it the family or community, the drive and belief in the community/school model is to foster change in the society around the child. For if the child comes from a stronger community, the child will then become a much better student and member of our society.

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