Core Beliefs

  • The Paterson Public Schools' Department of Humanities seeks to promote the enrichment of all students through rigorous classroom instruction while utilizing 21st Century skills and technology. Our mission is to help produce well-rounded, globally cognizant citizens, capable of employing a skill-set grounded in classical studies while simultaneously being able to assimilate emerging technologies at the ever-changing pace of the world today.

    The Department of Humanities for Paterson Public Schools promotes learning using high quality instruction through the implementation of the workshop model.

    We believe that our students learn best through teacher modeling and collaborative and independent practice. The "I Do, We Do, You Do" learning technique empowers our students to become active stakeholders with their education. Merely reading a text or responding to a question does not promote critical thinking. However, immersing our students in the process of reading and writing across all disciplines and presenting them with realistic problems to solve using textual evidence shows them the power of enlightenment.

    It is our goal to establish a community of learners to become productive citizens in society striving towards pursuing their life-long goals. Through an enriching and rigorous education and with on-going support from all stakeholders, we will ensure the success of all our students now and in the future.

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