• The Department of Technology is the IT department within the Paterson Public School System, providing district schools with reliable state-of-the-art networks, computing resources, and information technology services.

    • Networking: Managing over 6,000 network accounts, 15,000 workstations and mobile devices, 100 applications and data servers, and related peripheral devices, such as printers, hubs, switches, routers, scanners, wireless connections, etc.    
    • Data: Supporting management systems, academic assessment and data systems, providing local, state, and federal reporting, custom database design, and integration.
      • Edumet
      • Infinite Campus
    • Applications: Supporting academic and administrative programs including productivity tools, virtual learning, and assessment.
      • Edumet
      • Infinite Campus
      • Microsoft Office
    • Communication: Providing email, phone, web hosting, online and network collaboration and resource sharing.
    • E-mail: html Web Mail Login
    • Phones: pdf Voicemail User Guide
    • Purchasing:Coordination of equipment and services purchasing with Schools and other departments.
    • Employee Purchases: Provide information to help Staff, Teachers, and Students with personal computer purchases.
    • Printing Services: Provide the Paterson School District with printing services though the Print Shop at John F. Kennedy High School and printers in all district locations.
      • John F. Kennedy High School Print Shop


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