Environmental Rules, Regulations, And Policies

  • The Office of Facilities Management is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all students, faculty, support staff and all stakeholders of the Paterson Public Schools District. This mission is supported through periodic inspections of existing District facilities, and careful review of all proposed school sites to ensure a school environment that is health-protective and conducive to learning. The facilities department employees numerous Certified Educational Facilities Managers, numerous Lead Renovators as well as licensed electricians, plumbers, HVACR and other technical staff.  Environmental consultants and certified laboratories are engaged as necessary to support the in-house team.

Department Goals

    • All school environments are maintained in a safe, healthy manner and are conducive to learning.
    • Safe and healthy working conditions will be provided to all District employees in strict compliance with all authorities having jurisdiction, in a manner that reduces risk and liabilities to all stakeholders.
    • Proposed school sites will undergo an appropriate level of environmental review in line with SDA policies, and new schools will be designed and constructed to reduce environmental risks, conserve energy, and provide optimal conditions for learning pursuant to state authorities.
    • District facilities will operate in strict compliance with environmental regulations, including but not limited to all Federal, State, County, Local regulations, and in a manner that reduces environmental risks and liabilities.

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