Fixed Assets Stored In The Warehouse

  • Download the Fixed Assets Transfer Form

    1. Fixed assets are received in the warehouse. If it is valued at $2,000.00 or greater.
    2. Following the Purchase Order generation and approval process (Refer to the Purchasing Memo), the PO is distributed by the Purchasing Department to the relative parties.
    3. The “Receiving Copy“ goldenrod of the PO is sent from the Purchasing Department to the warehouse.
    4. When fixed assets arrive at the warehouse, two Central Stores staff members are responsible for the shipments. They ensure that the correct item and number of items have been delivered by comparing the delivered goods to the goldenrod copy of the PO. The Central Store staff members circle the received item on the P.O., initial, and date it.  The packing list which accompanies all deliveries is also attached to the PO.
    5. The two Central Stores staff members record the received fixed asset into a receiving log sheet by hand writing the fixed asset into the log sheet.  Every log sheet includes the PO number, date, item description, quantity received, serial number, and the department or school that the item will be delivered to .
    6. The Central Stores secretary enters data provided on the receiving log sheet into Edu-Met. The Edu-Met system does not receive data electronically from other systems.
    7. The Fixed assets are then tagged by the Central Stores Secretary.  Tagging a fixed asset means labeling it with its identifying barcode (the number on the tag) and “Paterson Public School.” The Central Stores secretary maintains a spool of number tags in the office upstairs.
    8. The Central Stores Supervisor or Central Stores secretary calls the requester of the fixed asset, as stated on the goldenrod copy of the P.O., to validate the order and inform the requestor of its delivery.
    9. A shipper form is completed by the Central Stores staff to accompany all fixed assets every time any item is distributed.  It identifies the nature /description of the item including its quantity, requestor, PO number, date and a line for the receiver to sign and the location where the goods will be delivered.
    10. Fixed assets may be picked up at the warehouse by an employee from the requesting school/department or they can be delivered by a Central Stores Driver. Fixed assets are distributed based on a first in-first out method. Fixed assets are assigned to whoever is described in the PO as the requestor.
    11. If fixed assets are picked up, the employee picking them up signs and receives a copy of the shipper. The original shipper is stored in a file cabinet at the warehouse indefinitely. The original shipper with the recipient's signature on it, is stored along with its respective white and blue copy of the PO at the warehouse in a cabinet located in an office that is locked every night.
    12. If the fixed assets are delivered, the Central Stores driver checks the shipper and the item prior to leaving the warehouse, to ensure that the correct items are being delivered. When the Central Stores driver arrives at the receiving location, he will check the assets on the shipper with the receiving party.
    13. When the delivery is made, the recipient signs the shipper, a copy is given to the receiving school. The original shipper is sent back to Central Stores by our drivers and stored in a file cabinet.