• To store records in the Central Stores Office, department records must appear on an approved Records Retention Schedule, be scheduled for a minimum of one year storage, be properly packed in Storage Retention Boxes, be properly identified and documented for transfer and reference, have a specific month and year date when the disposition will occur. Questions concerning transfer, criteria, or storage should be directed to the Supervisor of the Central Stores Office at 973-321-0941.

    Download the Record Transfer Form.

    The following fields are required:

    • Item 1 - Department Information - Enter department name.
    • Item 2 - Record Series Number - The number that corresponds to the record series title as
      found on the records retention schedule. Use a separate form for each box.
    • Item 3 - Record Series Title - Indicate title exactly as it appears on the approved records
      retention schedule.
    • Item 4 - Date Completed - The date the form is being completed for submission.
    • Item 5 - Person to Contact - The name of the person who packed the boxes and filled out
      the paperwork.
    • Item 6 - Title - The person who did the packing and paperwork Supervisor, Secretary etc.
    • Item 7 - Telephone # - Phone number of the person to contact if there are any questions.
    • Item 8 - Location of Records - Building name, street address, etc.
    • Item 9 - Department Box # - The number assigned to each box being transferred.
      (Do Not Duplicate)
    • Item 10 - Description Must be Detailed to Facilitate Referencing - Include the year, month
      and file range. This description must be detailed to facilitate referencing.
    • Item 11 - Access Restriction - Indicate if records are deemed to be confidential.
    • Item 12 - Disposition Codes - Indicates how we store the items according to regulations.
    • Items 13-18 Received By, Title, Date Received, and Remarks - Leave blank, for Central
      Stores Office use only.