Receiving Procedures For The Dock, Hold Area, And Office

    1. All items will be received in the dock area of 200 Sheridan Ave.
    2. Check the delivery to make sure the consignee is for central stores food service or facilities.
    3. All shipments received will be taken into the boom room and checked to make sure it is complete before shipment is made. The only exception will be the copypaper, which will be put away on the dock in the racks. (no other items will be left on the dock).
    4. Truck shipment (common carrier)
      • Count the number of pieces received and match it against the delivery ticket .
      • If they are equal and not damaged, sign the delivery ticket (sign your name and circle the quantity received).
      • If a shipment is palletized, break it down and count the pieces or sign for pallets (indicate shippers' load and count).
      • Only sign for what you received.
      • If there are any discrepancies, contact the supervisor immediately.
      • All shipments will be placed on the receiving register immediately.
      • The delivery ticket will be attached  to the purchase order.
    5. United Parcel Service (UPS) Roadway Parcel Service (RPS) and air shipments
      • Count the number of packages and sign the drivers pad for the quantity received.
      • If there is damage to one or more of the packages, record it on the signed pad.
      • All packages will be logged into the receiving register immediately.
    6. Checking in the items received on the packing slip
      • Do not write on the golden rod copy of the purchase order. Please use the white copy provided for you by the secretary.
      • If the quantity on the packing slip matches the quantity on the purchase order, circle the quantity on the p. o.
      • If not, put the quantity received and the date received in the description area of the p.o.
      • If there is a mistake or the wrong item has been sent, please notify the secretary immediately.
    7. Incomplete purchase orders
      • The secretary will contact the vendor on the balance of the shipment.
      • Fill out a call sheet indicating the vendor, telephone number, the person spoken to, and results. Follow up until p.o. is complete.
      • Keep the supervisor informed of each open p.o. and what has transpired.
    8. Completed purchase orders
      • The secretary will check to make sure all items have been checked off and received.
      • The completed p.o. will be given to the person that is doing the transmittal and will be sent down to the accounts payable department.