• Please choose one of the forms below and fill out the required sections. Once submitted, a district SAC will reach out to the student and family regarding the referral.

    NOTE: There is no reason for a PPS staff member to reach out to the student/family to advise of their referral. This will be handled by the SAC Department. The only item required is the submission of the chosen referral form below.

    All SAC Department referrals should be submitted electronically; there are no more paper forms.

    Substance Use or Possession


    Smoking and vaping is not permitted on school grounds.  Using or being in possession of such an item violates the  PPS Student Smoking Policy 5533.  If you believe a student to be using or in possession of such an item, please complete the form below. 

    *Note that marijuana/THC infused vape pens that are confiscated can be reported here. However, you must also complete a substance referral form.*

    SAC Counuseling