SAC Policy And Procedures

  • Below is access to the 2022-2023 SAC Policy and Procedures training. The training explains in detail how and when to make referrals, both in-person and remotely.

    The training is 28 minutes long. Once completed, do not forget to sign-in as your attendance for this mandated training is sent to the NJDOE. It will also be required to gain a PD certificate.

    First, please watch the video below.

    Next, go to the Sign-In sheet for NJDOE and PD Certification.

Policy and Protocols

  • Policy and Protocols

    Students may be referred for SAC intervention services both in person and during remote learning. Please choose one of the forms below and fill out the required sections. Once submitted, a district SAC will reach out to the student and family regarding the referral.

    NOTE: There is no reason for a PPS staff member to reach out to the student/family to advise of their referral. This will be handled by the SAC Department. The only item required is the submission of the chosen referral form below.

    Additionally, all SAC Department referrals should be submitted electronically, whether the district is operating in person or virtual.

    1. Refer a student for substance use and/or possession
      • In-person substance referrals require school nurses to fill out vital signs. If you are a PPS nurse, please fill out the Vital Sign Records form.
      • If we are remote, this step cannot be completed and should be skipped.
    2. Refer a student for counseling services OR vaping intervention (students not currently under the influence)

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