Oct. 6, 2022 - Superintendent Shafer Congratulates Eastside Football On Upset Of State’s #15 Team

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Ghosts topple undefeated Ridgewood, 12-10, fueling hopes for a Friday night victory against Old Tappan

PATERSON – On Saturday, the Eastside Football Ghosts pulled off a stunning win against the undefeated Ridgewood Maroons, 12-10, who had come into the game as the state’s #15 football team and was ranked as the top public school team in northern New Jersey.  

“To say that Paterson is proud of our Eastside Football Ghosts would be a huge understatement,” said Superintendent of Schools Eileen Shafer. “I want to congratulate Athletic Director T.J. Hill Coach Magazine, Defensive Coordinator Coach Lindsey ‘Coach K’ Jacobs, the entire coaching staff, and all of the Eastside Football players and their families. With an amazing upset of the 15th-ranked team in the state, we are clearly in a new era of Eastside Football and we look forward to their game against Old Tappan on Friday.” 

The game not only tested the players’ athleticism but also their sportsmanship. The Ghosts’ lead had been threatened in the final seconds of the game by officials’ calls that were questionable to Eastside players, coaches, and their supporters. But in the end, focus and composure combined with their strength and drive, helped the Ghosts win one of their most thrilling victories since James Magazine took the helm as head coach in 2019. 

The Ghosts’ Carnell Goodwin, who had thrown for 53 yards and ran for 70 yards as quarterback, was playing cornerback on defense when he intercepted a Maroon pass with less than two minutes left in the game. Goodwin ran the ball From Eastside’s 25-yard-line to the Ridgewood 10-yard line.  

Eastside ran the clock down to nine seconds but also fell to two 15-yard penalties, which placed the ball in midfield. Ridgewood took possession of the ball with nine seconds remaining on the scoreboard clock. Their pass that was completed around the 12-yard line brought the scoreboard clock down to zero, Hill said.  

Officials, however, ruled that time remained on the official game clock, which was not in view of the teams or the crowd. After the next Ridgewood snap, the quarterback spiked the ball to stop the clock and allow for an attempt at a game-winning field goal.  

The kick was off, and the ball hooked wide to the left. This time, all clocks – seen and unseen – read zero.  

“It was a relief for a lot of people, but there still was a lot of frustration as well,” said Hill about the game’s final result.  

Keeping cool during the fourth quarter protected Eastside’s lead, which was hard-earned with the help of Running Back Romadon Adams who ran for 165 yards with 13 carries.  

The team’s defense, led by Linebackers Samar Harrison and Jahiem Best who each had 10 tackles, effectively held the Maroons to 10 points.  

The Ghosts (3-2) will face the 12th-ranked Old Tappan Golden Knights (5-0) in an away game on Friday at 6:00 p.m. After Eastside’s win over Ridgewood, Old Tappan is now the top-ranked public school football team in northern New Jersey.