IFL English Language Arts Units

  • 6th Grade

    • Analysis of Theme: Identity
    • How the Brain Remembers
    • Points of View on Sleep
    • Creepy Tales

    7th Grade

    • Analysis of Theme: Degrees of Happiness
    • Modern Issues About Food
    • Exploring Relationships
    • The Creative Brain

    8th Grade

    • Forensic Anthropology and the Science of Solving Crimes
    • Learning from Play
    • Seeing and Being Seen
    • The Art of Failure

    9th Grade

    • Analysis of Theme
    • The Pursuit of (un)Happiness
    • To Kill a Mockingbird

    10th Grade

    • Analysis of Satire
    • Speeches for Racial Equality
    • Developing and Maintaining Expertise

    11th Grade

    • Narrating Women’s Lives
    • The Abolition of Slavery
    • Fooling Ourselves