Teacher Requirements

  • Teacher Evaluation Model:  Focal Point Teacher Evaluation Model

    The Focal Point Teacher Evaluation Model is research-based and is aligned to the InTASC Standards.  The Focal Point Model is rigorous, systemic, aligns with district processes that impact the ability of principals and evaluators to improve instruction and raise student achievement.  It builds the capacity of teachers as instructional leaders to meet higher expectations and also builds the capacity of building administrators to access teacher effectiveness.  The performance rubrics are divided into 7 domains teacher effectiveness.

    7 Domains

    • 1. Preparation for Instruction
    • 2. Use of Data to Inform Instruction
    • 3. Delivers Quality Instruction
    • 4. Interventions to Meet Diverse Needs
    • 5. Classroom Environment
    • 6. Leadership
    • 7. Professional Responsibilities

    Each domain is comprised of several Domain Components which define a specific aspect of the domain.  The Domain Component is further broken down into Indicators of Effectiveness, which are rubric-driven levels of teacher performance.
    The Focal Point Teacher Evaluation Model is based on four (4) levels of performance ratings:

    • Exemplary – Performance Rating Proficient III or Exemplary
    • Proficient – Performance Rating Proficient I or Proficient II
    • Progressing – Performance Rating Progressing I or Progressing II
    • Unsatisfactory – Performance Rating Unsatisfactory

Domains For Teachers

  • Domain 1: Preparation for Instruction

  • Domain 2: Use of Data to Inform Instruction

  • Domain 3: Delivers Quality Instruction

  • Domain 4: Interventions to Meet Diverse Needs

  • Domain 5: Classroom Environment

  • Domain 6: Leadership

  • Domain 7: Professional Responsibilities

Principal Requirements

  • Principals are the key to reform. Without effective principals, “any large system will find it next to impossible to develop capacity and place a high-quality teacher in front of every child.”  Paterson Public Schools is focused on connecting standards, student learning, and professional learning to Principal/Teacher Effectiveness through an aligned Principal and Teacher Performance Evaluation System. 

    The performance-based evaluation system for principals, includes five standard domains of principal leadership practices for evaluation.  These standards of professional practice are:

    • Leadership—school administrator establishes a shared vision of success, leads change, maximizes human potential, and demonstrates leadership skills
    • Instructional Program—school administrator maintains a comprehensive program of instruction, improves instructional quality, and provides for instructional assessment
    • Staff Development—school administrator provides effective professional development, facilitates individual growth, and hires quality staff
    • Effective Management—school administrator manages resources, time, and school climate effectively
    • Professional Responsibility—Maintains positive relations with district and community and shows professional growth

    A principal’s annual evaluation rating consists of two parts:  1) performance, and 2) student achievement.  Each part is worth 50 points or half of the total 100 points.  The performance component will be measured using the following rubrics for each of the 5 domains:


Principal Evaluation Rubric