Program Details

  • The Accelerated Cohort at International is designed specifically for students who have the motivation and habits of mind to meet above-grade level academic standards. The mission of this program is to provide a rigorous academic experience for students who have demonstrated high achievement across content areas in middle school and would like to begin exploring our more advanced curriculum and content in their ninth grade year. ACI students stand ready to make a commitment to their education and the culture of scholarship at International High School.  ACI fosters student preparedness for International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment courses in Grades 10-12.  The Accelerated Cohort maximizes students’ learning experiences and their opportunities for admission to selective colleges and universities.

    In addition to the PPS graduation requirements, ACI students will:
    1)    Participate in a family orientation prior to acceptance into the program.
    2)    Maintain a 3.0 Grade Point Average each quarter.
    3)    Complete subject-specific summer assignments/readings.
    4)    Participate in freshmen orientation
    5)    Participate in at least one extracurricular activity/sport each year/National History Day.
    6)    Complete 50 hours total community service hours.
    7)    Apply and interview for summer academic experiences on college campuses after freshman year (International staff will support students through this application process). 

    Application Process

    Advanced credit programs such as the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment require mastery of pre-requisite skills to achieve the highest levels.
    Applications for the Accelerated Cohort/International Baccalaureate Program at International High School will be available on the Accelerated Programs website beginning December 1st, 2021.
    All initial applications will be reviewed by the IB Committee and scored based on multiple measures that may include:
    1)    Academic Record (Report Cards) 
    2)    Most recent NJSLA Scores    
    3)    Cognitive Abilities Test (where applicable)
    4)    Teacher Recommendation (2 recommendations required from a current Math, ELA, Science and/or Social Studies)
    5)    Guidance Counselor Recommendation
    6)    Attendance Record
    7)    Portfolio or Student Work


    We are looking for students that are committed to academic excellence and growth.
    Approximately 125 students will be selected for admission to the Paterson Public School Accelerated Cohort/ International Baccalaureate. Students selected for the program will be admitted to an honors program aimed at preparing students for the rigors of advanced coursework during their 11th and 12th grade years. The selection committee at International High School will review applications.


    This year the IB Applications process will be done completely online. After you submit your application online, please email your guidance counselor informing them of your application.  Guidance counselors will share the link with the teachers you have selected to complete your recommendations.     
    Student Application (Please click on the link below to complete your application)

    Student Application for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme