Table Of Contents

  • Number   Policy Title
    7100 Long-Range Facilities Planning
    7101 Educational Adequacy of Capital Projects
    7102 Site Selection and Acquisition
    7130 School Closing
    7230 Gifts, Grants, and Donations
    7231 Gifts from Vendors
    7243 Supervision of Construction
    7250 Naming of Schools and Facilities
    7300 Disposition of Property
    7300.1 Disposition of Instructional Property
    7300.2 Disposition of Land
    7300.3 Disposition of Personal Property
    7300.4 Disposition of Federal Property
    7410 Maintenance and Repair
    7410.01 Facilities Maintenance, Repair Scheduling and Accounting 
    7420 Hygienic Management (Handling and Disposal of Body Waste and Fluids)
    7420.1 Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
    7420.2 Chemical Hygiene
    7420.3  Cleaning Protocols for Pandemic Control 
    7421 Indoor Air Quality Standards
    7422 School Integrated Pest Management Plan
    7424 Bed Bugs
    7425 Lead Testing of Water in Schools
    7430   School Safety
    7432 Eye Protection
    7433 Hazardous Substances
    7434 Smoking on School Grounds
    7435 Alcoholic Beverages on School Premises
    7436 Drug Free Workspace
    7437 Safety Standards—Electrical Appliances
    7440 School District Security
    7441 Electronic Surveillance in School Buildings and on School Grounds
    7444 Use of Metal Detectors
    7446 School Security Program
    7450 Property Inventory
    7460 Energy Conservation
    7461 District Sustainability Policy
    7480 Motor Vehicles on School Property
    7481 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS Also Known as Drones)
    7490 Animals on School Property
    7510 Use of School Facilities
    7513 Recreational Use of Playgrounds
    7520 Loan of School Equipment
    7540 Joint Use of Facilities
    7610 Vandalism
    7650 School Vehicle Assignment, Use, Tracking, Maintenance, and Accounting