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      Tuition Reimbursement Procedures

        1. Complete a Request for Course Approval form for each course (3 courses per school year). Please do not leave any blanks. Must circle what the course is towards, a Certification or Degree. Course Description must be written in the lines provided ( NO Attachments). Please circle the corresponding bargain unit.
          • Example: Teachers=PEA, Instructional Aides & Personal Aides=PEA-IA, Non-certificated staff=Non-Barg. etc.)
        2. Obtain Proof of enrollment (proof of registration) of course(s) from your university’s portal. Proof of enrollment must show your name, start and end dates of each course.
        3. Email Request for Course Approval with Proof of Enrollment to before or within 5 days of the start of the course. Missed Deadline=Denial. Please send these forms as PDF (picture and screenshots not accepted). You will receive an email when these documents have been received.
        4. An email informing of approval or denial will be sent to you.
        5. Upon completion of course(s), you must email an itemized zero balance bill (tuition rate must be reflected on its own line), grade(s), and a completed voucher to Please email these forms as one packet in PDF form.

        Note: Teachers must hold at least 1 Standard Certification to qualify for reimbursement. Any changes to course(s) such as name and date changes must be reported by providing documentation of the change. If you have applied and have been approved and later drop the course, you must complete a Dropped course form. *If it is your first time applying for tuition reimbursement, you must complete vendor forms. Email these forms with your application and proof of enrollment.

        * Courses taken at private institutions will be reimbursed at the institution’s rate only if it is lower than the WPU rate. If not, the course will be reimbursed at the WPU rate. Email questions or concerns to or call (973)321-2452.

      Reimbursement Forms