May 30, 2023 - Kennedy High School Student-athlete Commits To Montclair State University Pre-medical Program

Quameer Maddan played linebacker and fullback for Knights Football Team

Paterson Public Schools officials today announced that John F. Kennedy Senior Quameer Maddan has committed to attend Montclair State University (MSU)’s pre-medical program. The program provides academic support and coaching as well as assistance in preparing for the Medical College Admissions Test, or MCAT.

“We are very proud of Quameer for his aspiring to a career in medicine, for choosing to attend Montclair State University, and for being accepted into the university’s pre-medical program,” said Superintendent of Schools Eileen F. Shafer. “I congratulate Quameer and his family and I thank all of the teachers, administrators, coaches, and staff who helped Quameer achieve his very best and put him on a path to a bright future.”

Maddan has been an all-around student-athlete in high school, having played linebacker and fullback for the Kennedy Knights Football Team, left and right field for the Baseball Team, and competing in the shot put, disk throwing, and javelin for the Spring track team.

He has also served his community as a member of the high school’s Afoofa Club, which helps provide food to those in need and provides other services while hosting guest speakers for the club’s members. Maddan also plays chess and golf.

Maddan, who was born in Hackensack and has grown up in Paterson, said that his acceptance into MSU’s pre-medical program was only the beginning of a journey that he expects will test him.

“This opportunity to go to Montclair State University and study in the pre-med program means that I will be a step closer in the right direction to becoming a competitive medical school applicant,” Maddan said. “In addition, I’ll use the skills I’ve been taught to further better myself as a person, not just for me but for others. When the going gets hard, you keep going and never stop. I will struggle, I will strive, and I will eventually achieve my goals.”