1600 Directors and Managers


Job Description

1614b Director of Bilingual, ESL and World Languages
1615 Deputy Director of Bilingual, ESL and World Languages
1617 Director of Instructional Technology and LIbrary Media Services
1620 Director of Network Services Technology
1621 Director of Business Applications Technology
1626 Director of CTE and College Readiness
1627 Director of Full Service Community Schools and Grant Procurement
1638 Director of Assessment, Planning & Evaluation
1650 Director of Culture, Climate and Non-Traditional Programs
1654 Director of Early Childhood Education
1655 Director of NCLB
1655b Director of Federal Programs (NCLB)
1657 Federal Program Liason
1674 Director K-12 Guidance Counseling and Support
1675 Supervisor of K-12 Guidance Counseling and Support Services
1678 Director of Professional Development
1679 Director of Mathematics and Science
1680b Executive Director of Humanities
1681 Deputy Director of Professional Development
1682 Director of Alternative Education
1685 Executive Director of Accountability
1686 Director of Family and Community Engagement
1690 Executive Director for Curriculum and Instruction
1691 Executive Director for Special Education K-12
1692b Director of Physical Education, Health, Athletics and Nursing
1693 Director of High Schools
1694 Data Manager
1695 Director of Information Management Systems
1696b Manager of Non-Traditional Programs
1697 Executive Director of Technology