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Welcome to the World Languages department

Fluency in world languages is vital to a land filled with peoples whose cultures are of diverse backgrounds. The language program instills in students a desire to investigate the ethnic and linguistic differences among world neighbors. Courses further motivate students to communicate in the target language so as to enhance the exchange of friendship, goals and ideals.

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World Language Classes


To develop in students the skills of speaking, reading and writing necessary for effective communication;

To encourage students in the study of the target language in order to understand and to appreciate peoples and cultures of the world;

To foster in students a better evaluation of their native culture and of its debt to those nations which have contributed to its development;

To prepare students to render service to other members of society and to achieve the desired person to person relationship with the society of nations.


An aural-oral approach is used in teaching practical conversation, common structure and basic skills of the French language. Emphasis is placed upon linguistic concepts of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course is composed of units which include career orientation, cultural aspects of the French-speaking world, rudimentary vocabulary and constructive patterns.


The second level of French continues to stress mastery of listening, speaking, reading of the target language period. This course is composed of units which center around vocational values of bilingualism, relevancy of French to English, cultural development of France and its people, contributions made by French-speaking people of the world at large, extended vocabulary and constructive patterns. The principles of career education are integrated into the course content.


The basics of the Spanish language are taught. Included are letters and sounds of the language, present tense verbs, rules of gender and number, common nouns, adjectives and greetings. In addition, the geography of the Hispanic world, as well as customs and cultural events, are taught as integral units of the course.


Spanish II reviews the basics and introduces the rest of the tenses.. Students practice mixing tenses primarily in the text dialogues, and in classroom conversation. All four skills are addressed: reading, writing, comprehension and speaking. The geography and culture of the Hispanic world are further explored.