July-August, 2015

Summer reading list and graphic organizers

RPHS Summer Reading List

Vocab Cards

Dialectical Journal


September 2, 2015

Welcome back teachers


September 4, 2015

welcome back students


July 11 - 19, 2016

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japan: Land of the rising sun 2016  

April 17 - 27, 2017

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LONdon, Barcelona and paris 2016  


Anti-Bullying Specialist

Michelle Van Hoven

973-321-0520 ext. 52137


ABR District and School Grade Report


If you would like to send an email to staff member, simply click on their picture to do so. If you have any problems contacting anyone from this page please go to the "CONTACTS" page and send your request there. Someone will respond to you in a timely manner.


Jalyn e. lyde

John Gabriel
(Vice Principal)

Sharon Stephens
(Interim Administrator/ Guidance)

Pamela gary-Maple
(Adminstrator/ Math & Science)

Michelle Van Hoven
(Performing Arts Chairperson) (Anti-Bullying Specialist)

Guidance Counselors

Amy Bria

Juannys guzman

art department

George Stevenson
(Commercial Art)

John Chapman

Kenneth Davis

Fiona Daubon
(Set Design/Theater)

Courtney Goch
(Communication Arts)

Erin Pride

Carl Lauricella
(Communication Arts)

WIlliam Ramos
(Graphic Design)

Amy Rothenberg
(Fine Art)

Tiffany Wilson

Vladimir Zaitsev

mathematics department

Antonio Infante

Kenia Nuñez

Rodrigo Romea

Jennifer Kolb

John murray

science department

inthumathy nadarajah

Doreen hammond

English Department

Tara Foxworth

Sandra Gaston

Diane Malzone

Simone Welcome

history department

Lisa Brown

William Watts

Tracy Nelson

world languages department

Yudelnia Paula

Yasser Safwat

physical education department

Cheyenne Fulmore
(Physical Education)

Patricia Lionetti
(Physical Education)

special education

Allen Tenhoeve
(Special Education)

wrathel gause
(Special Education)

Claude Wilson
(Special Education)

Robert lauzeckas
(Special Education)

Library Media Center

Barbara Oslizly

support staff

Sharon Briggs

Laura Campo

Nanci Ianzano
(Speech Therapist)

Ani Silvani
(Student Awareness Coordinator)

pat wade

Donna Dolan

Denise Williams

Alesssandra Ameen
(Resource Teacher)

eklaus Nadi
(Personal Aide)

arnez crockett
(Social Worker)


Gladys Vidal

luis mestanza

Mike Howe
(District Security Officer)


Keith Andrews
(Chief Custodian)

Efrain Rodriguez


Brenda Medley
(Cafeteria Manager)

Estella Ferradans
(Food Service)

Charlie Mae Garrison
(Cafeteria Monitor)

Bernice Barr
(Cafeteria Monitor)

Kenyana Brown
(Lead Monitor)