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Welcome to the english department

The English program aims to sharpen the student's awareness of the important role that the English language and literature play in life. Teachers emphasize the development of coherent and fluent expression through written and oral communication. Critical thinking skills and analytical comprehension are stressed to enable the students to become discriminating readers and thinkers. In addition, the varied literacy experiences contribute to the students' emotional, spiritual, and intellectual maturity.

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English Classes


To enable students to communicate clearly, by mastering both written and oral communication skills;

To provide opportunity for meaningful writing experiences for all the students;

To aid students in the identification and analysis of literary types in both written analysis and oral discussions;

To view literature as a reflection of its times and to foster students' awareness of its role in viewing human experiences;

To stimulate an interest in the origin and development of the English language;

To focus on the process of clear and logical thinking in the organizing and developing of ideas;

To have students master the use of library sources.


This course is required for all students who are identified in need of remediation in reading and writing as determined by various assessments. The course enables students to develop reading and writing skills.

3. ENGLISH I (Honors classes offered)

Through a whole language approach, students study literature that places emphasis on reading various literary types and genres. The short story drama, non-fiction, poetry, myths and the novels are studied. Discussions and writing activities appeal and enhance higher level thinking skills through a literature-based language arts program. Supplemental material, outside readings, and research are a part of the instructional program.

4. ENGLISH II (Honors classes offered)

Through a whole language approach, students study American literature from the colonial period to the present time. Supplementary readings in the form of the novel and drama are used to show that literature is a reflection of the age in which it was written. Discussion, writing activities, and research are integrated into the program.

5. ENGLISH III (Honors classes offered)

Through a whole language approach, students study British literature from the Celtic period to the present. Special emphasis is placed upon Chaucer, Shakespeare and the Romantics. Supplemental readings, research, and writing activities are integrated into the program.

6. ENGLISH IV (Honors classes offered)

Through a whole language approach, students study various masters and literary types from world literature. Middle Eastern, Oriental, Greek, Roman, European and African pieces are studied. Supplemental readings, research and writing activities are integrated into the program.


As an elective offered through the English department, this course includes training and experiences in impromptu speaking before an audience, the art of persuasion and propaganda. Preparation and delivery of formal speeches, discussion, argumentation and debate, and oral interpretation of poetry and prose are also studied and practiced.