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Welcome to the art department

The Department of Art is committed to teaching art in the context of a major and a vibrant intellectual community. Its mission is based on the premise that art is the nexus of all the humanities and that creative expression in the visual arts has provided some of the most enduring contributions to society and culture.

our staff

Amy Rothenberg
(Fine Art Teacher)

Anne Ortez
(Commercial Art Teacher)

Fine Art Classes

1. Foundations of Art - (Fine)

Students gather a basic understanding of the many mediums and methods used in their artistic studies.

2. Fine Art I

The students will become more sensitive to personality and character through the creation of a self portrait. They will define techniques of watercolor painting developed in Art I. The students will be introduced to new forms of art, and investigate the difference between transparent and opaque properties of colored ink. In addition, the student will be introduced to three dimensional sculpture with the use of plaster craft and plastic. They will refine the techniques of graphics developed in Art I.

3. Fine Art II

In the junior year the students will prepare artwork in different mediums for their college portfolios. Some of these projects are still life projects, studies of the human anatomy, landscapes, prints, and abstract paintings.

4. Fine Art III

Students in Fine Art III have taken all previously required art courses. They have studied the various mediums, methods, and artists, and use this in producing quality artwork to add to their portfolios or to use personally.

5. Advanced Fine Art (Elective)

This course will further develop the quality of visual art expression through students' keen observation, motor control, and constant practice. Portfolio develoment and student exhibit will be required.

Commercial Art Classes

1. Foundations of Art - (Commercial)

Students gather a basic understanding of the many mediums and methods used in their artistic studies

2. Commercial Art I

Students are introduced to commercial art via a series of problems including an illustrated letter and layout, card design, and basic illustration. Essential typographical and drawing skills will be stressed.

3. Commercial Art II

This course includes in depth exploration of typography and problems ranging from political cartooning to acrylic illustration. Completion of a corporate identity package is required.

4. Commercial Art III

This course offers advanced study of problems involving image and type. Students have increased freedom to explore areas of interest and complete a portfolio. Support for college applications, scholarships, and grants is included. Exhibit of student work is required.

5. Commercial Art Design and Illustration I (Elective)

Advanced skills and techniques in design and illustration are taught through the use of a wide range of media. Portfolio development and student exhibits are required.

3. Commercial Art Design and Illustration II (Elective)

This course continues further refinement of advanced skills and techniques in design and illustration. Portfolio development and student exhibits are required.

4. Commercial Art Drawing and Illustration I (Elective)

Students learn to effectively portray the natural and man made world, with an eye toward understanding form and structure. A variety of black and white as well as color media is used to render images for a specific purpose or effect. The expressive content of light, shadow, texture and line are all explored. Investigation of the human form and its place in the history of art and illustration is covered via text, lecture and life drawing .

5. Commercial Art Drawing and Illustration II (Elective)

This course focuses on the creation of the original drawn image. Students examine some of the great drawings of history and assess their impact on the world of art. A variety of experiences with varied subject matter and media aid the student in developing a portfolio possessing depth, breadth and quality. Students are required to complete a portfolio.

Art Audition Criteria

All students auditioning in Visual Arts have four areas to complete. Some work must be prepared in advance. Please follow instructions for each area.

1. Home Exam

Students must execute "two" of the following exercises: 1. Draw a self-portrait. 2. Execute a color drawing or painting of an outdoor scene (landscape, architecture, etc.) 3. Design an advertisement selling yourself as an artist. 4. Complete a drawing of the "most frightening" thing you have ever seen. Movie, comic book, television, images are not acceptable. Use your artistic skills and imagination. Each of the home exam requirements must be completed on a 9" x 12" paper or board. Indicate the nature of each project by the appropriate number (1,2,3, or 4) in the left hand corner of the artwork. The applicant's name must be legible in the lower right hand corner of each piece. This work should be brought to the audition but kept separate from the portfolio.

2. Portfolio

In addition to the above required "two" pieces of work, all applicants must submit evidence of their art ability to be reviewed by the art interview committee. The pieces can include work in any medium including drawings, paintings, small 3-D items or photographs of sculpture, lettering, design work, etc. All visual items must be the original product of the student applicant. All work should be clearly labeled with student's name and school. A carrying case or folder for the portfolio is recommended. All work (except the in school exam) will be returned to each student.

3. Interview

A personal interview will be held with each applicant. A member of the art staff will discuss matters related to the visual arts and the applicant's artistic goals. Special letters of recommendation, awards, certificates and commendations may be presented at this time.

4. In School Exam

Each student will complete a still life drawing in the art room of Rosa Parks School. The time limit will be 45 minutes. All applicants will work individually. Materials will be provided.