Emergency Discipline

(Possession of a weapon with the intent to cause bodily harm to staff, self, or other students, or threats of aggressive/violent behavior).

Emergency misconduct would be reported directly to an administrator.  A misconduct form must also be filled out immediately by the staff member reporting the emergency misconduct, as well as a violence and vandalism report which must be completed and submitted to the administration.  Upon receipt of the misconduct report and a full and complete evaluation of the misconduct, the administrator will do any or all of the following:

A. Contact the parent or guardian of the student via telephone or through the services of the social worker.
B. Refer to special services (if appropriate).
C. Conduct student/teacher/parent/administrator conference with two possible outcomes: suspension or disciplinary action at the administrator's discretion.
D. Contact law enforcement agency (if appropriate).
E. Contact Division of Youth and Family Services (if appropriate).

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