Disciplinary Procedures (Levels 3-4 of 4)

Level 3: Teacher Counseling

If the inappropriate behavior continues, a teacher/parent conference request letter will be sent home with the student.  This letter will be signed by the parent and/or guardian and returned to the teacher.  This conference will take place at the parent's earliest convenience.  At this conference, the teacher will detail the students inappropriate behavior and work with the parents towards the resolution of this misbehavior.  A program of behavior modification and referral to the guidance counselor are possible solutions at this level.  If the letter is not returned and the parent does not respond to the request for a conference, the process moves immediately to Level 4: Administrative Intervention.

Level 4: Administrative Intervention

If levels 1-3 have not produced a resolution to the inappropriate student behavior, the administrator assigned to that student's homeroom class will meet with that student, teacher in charge, and parent with the possible outcomes to be as follows:

A. Referral to the Child Study Team
B. Reprimand and counseling concerning appropriate behavior.
C. Out-of-school or in-school suspension.
D. Expulsion

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