Disciplinary Procedures (Levels 1-2 of 4)

There are two types of discipline problems; routine and emergency.  There are two distinct and different procedures that will be followed in providing counseling and behavior modification.

Routine Discipline

Level 1: Teacher Counseling

The classroom teacher, or whoever is in charge of the student exhibiting inappropriate behavior, will counsel the student.  A record should be kept by the staff member of the date of the infraction and the inappropriate behavior via a conduct report (A copy of this must be submitted to the appropriate administrator, classroom teacher guidance counselor and, if appropriate, case manager).

Level 2: Initial Home Contact

If a second incident of misbehavior occurs or if the teacher in charge deems the initial inappropriate behavior serious enough, a telephone call will be made to the home of the student by the teacher. Parents and/or guardians will be asked to provide proper discipline and/or guidance at home as a resolution to the student's misbehavior.  A log of all phone calls made and parental response will be kept by the teacher.

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