Math Pacing Charts

MP3 Description Text Cross Discipline
4.4.2A1, 2 Data Analysis 4.1-4.3, 4.5 (mode only), 4.8 Social Studies - Careers p. 83B
Science: Sleep p. 99B
4.1.2BB4, B5b,B6, B7, B8 Subtraction of 2-digit numbers.
(if not previously addressed)
Chapter 12
13.1, 13.2, 13.4, 13.5
Science - Speedy Animals p. 364
4.1.2C3, C2 Estimating 1.4, 11.2, 13.3 Social Studies - Buying Produce p. 291B
4.1.2A4 Count and perform simple computations with coins. Amounts up to $1 using cents notation. Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Social Studies - Coins from different countries p. 387B
Social Studies - Presidents on coins p.391B
Social Studies - Sacagawea p. 413B
Art - Andy Warhol's "Dollar Sign" p. 419B
4.1.2A1a, A2, A3, A5 Whole numbers through hundredths place
Compare and order whole numbers
20.1-20.3, 20.6-20.8 Social Studies - Longitude p. 573
Science - Fahrenheit and Celsius p. 577B
Art - Place value p. 579B
Science - Temperature p. 591B
4.1.2B2 Explore meanings of multiplication & division 19.1, 19.5 Music - Time Zones p. 435B
4.2.2D3d Units of measurement - Time 16.1-16.4, 16.6-16.7 Social Studies - Time zones p. 435B
4.2.2E Perimeter & Area 17.6-17.8 Art: Collage p. 491B
4.2.2D1, D2, D3b,c,e Units of measurement - weight, capacity, temperature 18.1-18.8 Social Studies - Containers p.511B
4.4.2C2 Generate all possibilities in simple counting situations (e.g. all outfits involving two shirts and three pants) Other resources
4.4.2D2 Discrete math - vertex-edge graphs & algorithms Other resources  
4.5 Addressed Throughout    
MP4 Description Text Cross Discipline
4.1.2A.1a, A.2, A.3, A.5 Whole numbers through hundreds
Place value
Compare and order whole numbers
20.4, 20.5, 20.9  
4.1.3A Number Sense (Even & Odd) 6.1  
4.2.3B Transforming Shapes (Slide, Flip, Turn) 7.6 Art: Tessellations p. 195B
4.1.3A Compare and order fractions 9.4 Music: Beats to a Measure p. 235B
4.5 Problem Solving 8.5, 11.5, 13.6 Science: Microscopes p. 299B
4.1.3B Multiplication 19.2 19.4 Art: Making Jewelry p. 551B
Science: Insects p. 553B
4.1.3B Division 19.6 19.8 Social Studies: Fruit From Around the World pg.559B
4.1.3B.4a Adding Three-Digit Numbers 21.1 21.3 Science: Butterflies p. 603B
4.1.3B.4b Subtraction of Three-Digit Numbers 22.1 22.4 Science: Bald Eagles pg. 627B
4.1.4B.6 Count and perform simple computations with money.  (dollars and cents notation ) 21.4, 22.5 Social Studies: Supermarket Shopping pg. 583B
4.2.4D Elapsed Time  16.5  Social Studies: Community Workers pg. 445B