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Please be advised to ensure adequate time for transition to the new assessments the NJDOE is extending the transition period for the graduation requirements that were identified in the September 30, 2014, memorandum to now include students in the class of 2019.

We anticipate that we will announce final ‘cut scores’ for the PARCC assessments in October. Below is an updated list of options for demonstrating graduation proficiency for the classes of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, incorporating updated ‘cut scores’ for the substitute competency assessments to account for some of the changes anticipated in the PSAT/SAT and ACT programs.

The Study Commission on the Use of Statewide Assessments will be making recommendations shortly regarding graduation requirements for the class of 2020 and thereafter.

English Language Arts


Passing score on a PARCC ELA Grade 9 or Passing score on PARCC Algebra I or

Passing score on a PARCC ELA Grade 10 or Passing score on PARCC Geometry or

Passing score on a PARCC ELA Grade 11 or Passing score on PARCC Algebra II or

SAT Reading >= 400 or SAT >= 400 or

ACT Reading or ACT PLAN Reading >= 16 or ACT or ACT PLAN>= 16 or

Accuplacer Write Placer >= 6 or Accuplacer Elementary Algebra >= 76 or
PSAT10 Reading or PSAT/NMSQT Reading >= 40 or PSAT10 or PSAT/NMSQT >= 40 or

ACT Aspire Reading >= 422 or ACT Aspire >= 422 or

ASVAB-AFQT Composite >=31 or ASVAB-AFQT Composite >=31 or

Meet the Criteria of the NJDOE Portfolio Appeal Meet the Criteria of the NJDOE Portfolio Appeal

Harassment, Intimidation, & Bullying Policy

Paterson Public School’s new Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) policy is available here.

Please note, the District’s Anti-bullying Coordinator is TJ Best  He can be reached at 973-321-2404 or

The Anti-bullying Coordinator for International High School is Mr. Amod Field. He can be reached at 973-321-2280 or

For more information on New Jersey's new "Anti-bullying Bill of Rights" or the District’s plan to address HIB in the upcoming school year, click here.

International High School ABR grade is 70 out of 78. PPS ABR Grade is 59 out of 78 points


Link to ABR District and School Grade Report:





Paterson Public School Disciplinary Policies:

International High School Student Handbook

Affirmative Action Representatives:

Ms. N. Best:

Mr. W. Darwish:

International Baccalaureate Flyer - English

International Baccalaureate Flyer - Spanish

International Baccalaureate Program Application

Community Eligibility Provision Program (Lunch) - English

Community Eligibility Provision Program (Lunch)- Spanish

Community Eligibility Provision Facts Sheet

School Code of Conduct Letter to Parents Guardians - Student Issues English

School Code of Conduct Letter to Parents Guardians-Student Issues Spanish

Student Insurance Information(English); Student Insurance Information(Spanish)


Archived: Senior Prom "A Night In Paris" (photos); From Then To Now (flashback photos); Important Swine Flu Information; District Video Collection (International High School Library, 2nd floor); Footage from IHS SGA Election Candidates; IHS students learn about several aspects of domestic violence;Montreal

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