Students at PANTHERPaterson's Doorway to the Universe

Since 2004, the Panther Academy Planetarium has brought the universe to the Paterson community by educating and entertaining generations of school children and adults, inspiring imaginations and expanding horizons. Located in Paterson’s downtown business district and near Passaic County Community College, it is one of the best-equipped school planetariums in the United States. The planetarium resides at the heart of PANTHER, the Paterson Academy for Earth and Space Science. The Paterson school district equipped the planetarium with an interactive computerized system that supports Panther’s mathematics and science curriculum while providing district-wide weekly programs for elementary and secondary students. In addition to its value as an educational tool, the planetarium is also an important community resource, offering a variety of special presentations for public, college and community groups.


The Panther Planetarium is equipped with a state of the art Zeiss ZKP-3 projector capable of projecting 6,000 pin-points of lights resembling the stars, sun, moon and planets, transferring the 38-foot dome into a beautiful starry night sky. A Spitz automation system utilizing three computer systems controls the special effects projectors, video system, LED cove lighting and audio system.