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Effort will impact all high school students;
staff and community members to play vital role

PATERSON - DECEMBER 22.  Paterson Public Schools is addressing its most pressing issues related to student data and achievement with a High School Renewal Initiative.  The initiative, which was presented to staff and Board of Education members prior to its launch this month, will further the Superintendent’s mission of ensuring that every student is prepared to succeed at the institution of higher education of their choice, or in their chosen profession. 

Data related to Paterson student performance has shown that the district must develop new models and instructional practices and instill a greater level of accountability at the high school level to improve student achievement.  Dr. Donnie W. Evans, State District Superintendent, commented: “We are restructuring our high schools and we are serious about it.  Two years from now, Paterson high schools will look very different.”

The initiative was created by Dr. Evans and Eileen Shafer, Assistant Superintendent for Administration over Secondary Schools.  It outlines distinct goals, strategies and action steps that will be taken in six key areas that also align closely with the new District Strategic Plan:

  • Effective Academic Programs
  • Efficient and Responsive Operations
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools
  • Policy
  • Research and Development

In a letter dated December 15, Ms. Shafer and Dr. Evans invited over 45 staff and community members to participate in the High School Renewal Advisory Committee and a sub-committee in one of the six action areas listed above.  Members will provide guidance and leadership in these areas and report back to the committee of the whole on a regular basis.

Action steps related to the High School Renewal Initiative will be focused on creating the curriculum, environment, staffing and policies that will lead to improved graduation rates and college preparedness for all Paterson students.  For more information, please log on to the Paterson Public Schools’ district website at