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Vaping: The New Craze and Deadly Epidemic

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Vaping: The New Craze and Deadly Epidemic

Vape pen

The Paterson Public School district has taken a strong stance against all substances associated with electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) including e-cigarettes and vape pens.  With youth vaping on the rise coupled with death and illnesses skyrocketing nationwide, it is important to be educated on the effects and dangers that vaping and nicotine has on our bodies.  Our district is providing all of our site visitors about the current trends and news updates, helpful links and printable materials for students and their families, and quitting resources in light of this vaping crisis.  The Paterson Anti-Vaping Committee is dedicated to making sure all of our students are vape free and understand the dangers of ENDS and their use.


News Articles

Going forward after January 30, 2020, please visit the New Jersey’s Department of Health website for all current news posting about Vaping and New Jersey.

webpage - E-cigarettes and Vaping in Our State (updated every Thursday)

webpage CDC Vaping Reports (updated every Thursday)

webpage NJSpotlight Hosts Roundtable Discussion on Vaping in New Jersey [audio recording of event at bottom of news article]


webpage (01/22/20): Murphy Signs 151 Bills, Including Ban on Flavored Vapes

webpage (01/03/20): FDA to Consider Restricting Menthol Vape Products if Teens Begin Using Them

webpage (01/02/20): Most Flavored E-cigarette Pods to be Pulled from Market, Except for Menthol, Tobacco

webpage (01/02/20): With Partial Flavor Ban, Trump Splits the Difference on Vaping

webpage (12/18/19) Teen Drinking and Cigarette Smoking Down as Marijuana Vaping Rises

webpage (12/16/19): Vaping Linked with Long-Term Risk of Respiratory Disease in New Study

webpage (12/16/19): Three Quarters of Teens Who Vape Report Using Nicotine, Marijuana, or Multiple Substances

webpage (12/16/19):  Research Fuels Debate Over E-Cigarettes as Smoking-Cessation Device

webpage (12/14/19): Study Finds 'Strong Link' Between Vaping and Depression

webpage (12/09/19) Doctors Warn About Risks of Second Hand E-Cigarette Vapors

webpage (12/06/19) CDC Says No Single Brand is Likely Responsible for the Outbreak of Vaping Lung Disease

webpage (12/05/19) Nearly a Third of Teens Use One or More Tobacco Products

webpage (12/05/19) More than 1 in 4 High Schoolers now Vape

webpage (12/05/19) Vaping Tied to Lung Illness Seen in Metalworkers

webpage (12/04/19) Toxic Metal, Leached from E-cigarette Coil, Permanently Scars Woman’s Lung

webpage (12/04/19) Over Half a Million Marijuana Vapes Seized in the U.S. in the Last 2 Years

webpage (12/03/19): There are Now Vaping Related Lung Injury in All 50 States

webpage (11/25/19): Teen’s Lung and Kidneys Destroyed by Vaping Illness: ‘I Begged My Parents to Let Me Die’

webpage (11/25/19): Vape Juice Nicotine Can Poison Kids but Vaping Law Enforcement Delayed

webpage (11/23/19): How JUUL Hooked a Generation

webpage (11/22/19): Local Vaping Illness Survivor Speaks Out After Being Unconscious in the ICU for Two Weeks (Illinois)

webpage (11/17/19): Trump Retreats from Flavor Ban for E-Cigarettes

webpage (11/15/19): NJ Advances Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes and Menthols

webpage (11/15/19): Apple to Ban Vaping Apps from its App Store

webpage (11/14/19): NJ Takes Step to Ban Vaping, Increase Penalties and Taxes

webpage (11/14/19): NJ May Soon Ban Menthol Cigarettes and Flavored Vaping Products

webpage (11/13/19): Bootleg Marijuana Vapes Produce Vapor Tainted with Formaldehyde and Cyanide

webpage (11/13/19): Startling Details, Cases Skyrocket in Deadly NJ Vaping Outbreak

webpage (11/12/19):  Former FDA Commissioner Calls for Full Ban on Pod-Based E-Cigarettes

webpage (11/12/19) Tilray CEO Says Vaping Illness Outbreak Could Lead to Marijuana Legalization

webpage (11/12/19): Teen Receives Historic Double Lung Transplant Due to Vaping-Related Illness

webpage (11/08/19): Breakthrough in CDC Vaping Illness Investigation – Vitamin E Acetate

webpage (11/07/19) JUUL Stops Sales of Mint-Flavored Pods

webpage (11/06/19): Feds Warn of Heroin-Laced Vape Solution After Two High Schoolers Hospitalized

webpage (11/06/19): CA Teen Suffers Life-Threatening Complications from Vaping (with video interview)

webpage (11/07/19): Vaping is Still on the Rise in High Schools

webpage (10/31/19) Vaping Addiction in a Brand New Generation: New Jersey 11-year-olds Say They Use e-Cigarettes

webpage (10/26/19) Behind the Scenes of CDC’s Vaping Investigation

webpage (10/16/19): 7-year-old found vaping at elementary school

webpage (10/10/19): “I Thought I Was Going to Die,” Says NJ 21-year-old Woman Who Suffered Vape-Related Illness

webpage (10/08/19): Bronx 17-year-old Teenager is Youngest Reported Vaping Death

webpage (10/08/19): Walgreens and Kroger to Stop Selling eCigarettes

webpage (10/04/19): NJ Task Force suggests Banning of All Flavored Vaping Products

webpage (09/05/19): Vitamin E chemical is ‘Key Focus’ in Vaping Illness Investigation

webpage (08/21/19): More than 150 Cases of Vaping-Related Lung Disease Being Investigated Across the U.S.

webpage (08/20/19): E-cigarette Maker JUUL Faces Lawsuit for Marketing to Teens

webpage (08/16/19): 9 Hospitalized in NJ with Breathing Problems After Vaping

webpage (01/25/19): Analysis of JUUL Marketing Campaign Suggests Youth are Targeted


PPS District Anti-Vaping Committee Members

Eileen Shafer
Susana Peron
Clarissa Adams
Oshin Castillo
Gilman Choudhury
Rev. Kenneth Clayton
David Cozart
Humberto Cuadrado
Sandra Diodonet
Lt. Sharon Easton
Rosie Grant
Rev. Randall Lassiter

Shannon Malone
William Kemper McDowell
Rev. Michael McDuffie
Tamisha McKoy
Steven Olimpio
Laurel Olson
Maria Santa
Anthony Traina
Joanna Tsimpedes
Cicely Warren
Kimler Williamson

Committee Meetings and Vaping Presentations

Vaping Committee Meeting Dates:
* 09/04/19 at 2:00pm
* 09/18/19 at 1:30pm
* 10/02/19 at 1:30pm
* 10/15/19 at 1:30pm  (agenda)
* 11/13/19 at 1:30pm  (agenda)
* 12/11/19 at 1:00pm  (agenda)
* 01/28/20 at 1:00pm  (agenda)
* 03/18/20 at 1:00pm


* 10/15/19: High School Students
* 10/15/19: Parents
* 10/22/19: Vice Principals
* 10/29/19: Middle School Students
* 11/20/19: Grandparents as Parents Alliance (GAPA)
* 12/03/19: Teachers
* 12/03/19: Religious Leaders
* 12/04/19: Instructional Assistants and Personal Assistants
* 12/11/19: Principals
* 12/16/19: All Central Office Staff
* 01/07/20: Supervisors
* 01/31/20: all elementary guidance counselors and SACs
* 02/04/20: Paterson City Council
* 02/11/20: YMLA parents/PTO


PPS Staff Only

Escape the Vape PPT

PPT is updated frequently.  The last update was completed on 03/05/2020.  Please check this page for an updated presentation before you present to your school staff, students and/or families.

pdfVape Identification

webpage That USB May Be an eCigarette

Vaping Brochure









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