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Office of Fiscal Accountability and Compliance (OFAC) Reports and Corrective Action Plans (CAP)

pdf Omega Child Development Center FY 2017-2018


pdf District Vehicle Internal Audit August 2018

pdf Insight Workforce Solutions 12/2018

pdf El Mundo De Colores & El Mundo Del Nino FY 2016-2017

pdf Innovative Education Programs (IEP) FY 2016-17

pdf Risk Manager Samir Goow

pdf Transportation Services FY 2015-2016 & FY 2016-2017

pdf Review of District Process for Student Registration and Transfers

pdf Rich Tree Service

pdf Calvary Baptist Community Center 2015-2016

pdf CAP YMCA Preschool FY 2015- 2016

pdf Gilmore Memorial Preschool FY 2015-2016

pdf Hiring Practices FY 2015- 2016

pdf Fixed Assets Review July 2014-June 2015

pdf Hogar Infantil Child Development Center FY 2015-2016

pdf State School Aid & Transported Resident

pdf Overtime Audit: FY 2014-15 & FY 2015-16

pdf Consultant's Review Report

pdf EXAID for Special Education

pdf Michael's Energy factory FY 2014-2015

pdf Allegations Submitted by Lee McNulty

pdf St. Joseph's RMC Child Care -FY 2014-15

pdf Paterson Day Care 100 FY 2014-2015

pdf Fire and Security Drill Review Report 2014-2015

pdf Love Kids Care II - FY 2014-15

pdf Friendship Corner 2013-2014

pdf GoPA Alleged High School Proficiency Assessment Breach

pdf Greater Bergen Community Action Association of Paterson, NJ

pdf NSW Elementary School NJ Assessment of Skills and Knowledge Erasure Analysis Security Review

pdf El Mundo de Colores 2013-2014

pdf La Vida 1

pdf Paterson Family Center 2012-2013

pdf Innovative Educational Programs Learning Center 2012-13

pdf Passaic County Community College 2012-2013

pdf A Whole New World 2012-2013

pdf Calvary Baptist Childcare Center 2011-2012

pdf La Vida Too 2011-2012

pdf Paterson International Preschool

pdf Gilmore Memorial Preschool, Inc.

pdf Paterson YMCA Preschool

pdf Hogar Infantil Child Development Center

pdf El Mundo del Niño - A Child's World

pdf Love Kids Care II

pdf Health benefits Audit Follow-Up

pdf Michael's Energy Factory

pdf Paterson Day Care 100

pdf St. Josephs RMC Day Care

pdf Home Instruction

pdf Education Jobs Fund

pdf Paterson Ecumenical Preschool

pdf C.A.S.A.

pdf Telephone Expenses

pdf CAP - Expenditure Report Review

pdf La Vida Childcare Center

pdf Barney's Education Center

pdf Concerned Parents for Head Start

pdf Early Childhood Education Program State Aid Enrollment

pdf Passaic County Community College Child Development Center

pdf Inappropriate Fiscal Operations and Procedures

pdf B.J. Wilkerson Memorial Child Development Center

pdf Early Childhood Program Expansion Aid Enrollment

pdf A Whole New Kids World, Inc.

pdf First Steps Child Preschool Center

pdf Bethel Child Care Center

pdf District Vehicles

pdf Purchasing Audit

pdf Position Control

pdf Memorial Day Nursery

pdf Fraudulent Timekeeping

pdf Paterson Family Center

pdf Calvary Baptist Childcare Center

pdf American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funds

pdf Hogar Infantil Child Development Center issued May 2009

pdf Apple Tree Child Development Center II

pdf El Mundo de Colores issued July 2009

pdf Innovative Educational Programs Learning Center

pdf Report on Payments to Absolute Security issued July 2009

pdf Little Ones School House

pdf Dorothy's Little Tots


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