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Please visit the Central Registration Department webpage for detailed information about registration.






Does Paterson Public Schools provide Pre-K programs?
Paterson has 23 locations for 3 & 4 year olds who reside in the city of Paterson.

Are all Pre-K programs free?
Paterson offers free Pre-K programs to Paterson residents. For more information please call (973) 321-0674.

Visit our Early Childhood Department page for complete information





Where can I get an application for my child?
Applications can be obtained at your child’s school or at the Office of Foodservices, located at 200 Sheridan Ave.

Who do I speak to in regard to my child’s eligibility status?
You can call the Office of Foodservices at 973-321-0950 and speak with any staff member who picks up the phone.

Where should applications be returned to?
Applications can be returned to your child’s school or they can be mailed or hand delivered to the Office of Foodservices, located at 200 Sheridan Ave

How long does it take for my child’s application to be approved?
Applications take 10 days to be processed.  Once processed, the child’s eligibility status is immediately sent to the school.

If my child has a temporary benefit meal status, how long do I have to return a new application?
Temporary status will last for 45 days after which if a new application is not returned and processed, the temporary status will automatically change to denied. 

When can I submit an application?
Applications can be submitted anytime throughout the year.  It is important to submit a new application if there has been a change in family size or with the frequency and/or the amount of income the household is receiving.

Do I need to submit proof of income when submitting my application?
No.  Providing proof of income is only required if you are selected for Verification or if there is “cause” to question the validity of your income as documented on the application.

Why must my child pay for school lunch?
A child’s meal benefit status is based on how his or her application is filled out.  If the income reported on the application exceeds the federal guidelines for family size and “Gross” income, then the application may fall into either the “Reduced” or “Paid” categories.   If there has been a change in family size or with the frequency and/or the amount of  income the household is receiving, you may submit a new application.  This new information may change your child’s eligibility status.

My child has an allergy to a specific food item, what should I do?
You must get a written statement from your child’s physician stating exactly what the child is allergic to.  This letter must be submitted to the school nurse and to the Foodservice Manager.  If properly notified, the school cafeteria will provide a  suitable substitution for the item that your child is allergic to.

My child is diabetic and I need to know how many calories and/or carbohydrates are in the food that you serve, how can I get this information?
You can speak directly to the nurse at your child’s school or you can call the Office of Foodservices at 973-321-0950.  The Office of Foodservices provides the nursing department with an updated Carbohydrate and Calorie Chart each year.   The chart is based on the menu items that will be served throughout the year.



Please visit the Assessment Department webpage for a complete listing of state assessments.




Where can I call to get answers to my questions?

Paterson Public Schools has instituted a District Hotline as a way to meet the goal of "Efficient and Responsive Operations' as outlined in the District Strategic Plan. If you have any questions or need assistance, call us at (973) 321-0911. Hours of operation are weekdays from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. In the event of an emergency, a pre-recorded message will be available.

When are Board of Education meetings held?
View a listing of upcoming Board of Education meetings.

How do I apply for a position within Paterson Public Schools?
Information on employment opportunities.



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