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Brighter futures

The Strategic Plan for Paterson Public Schools 2014 – 2019

Dr. Donnie W. Evans, State District Superintendent


Vision Statement:
To be the leader in educating New Jersey’s urban youth
Mission Statement:
To prepare each student for success in the college/university of their choosing and in their chosen career


Priority I: Effective Academic Programs – Paterson students can achieve at a high level and this district is fully committed to preparing all students for college and their future career. The district will continue to implement a wide array of high impact interventions to accelerate student achievement (growth in test scores and graduation rates) and to help ensure students are comfortable with 21st century learning skills.

          Goal 1: Increase achievement levels-expected growth by 20 percentage points for grades 3-11 by 2019
          Goal 2: Increase graduation rate of students
          Goal 3: Increase college preparedness
          Goal 4: Create Student Centered Supports where all students are engaged in school
          Goal 5: Technology and 21st century learning

Priority II: Creating and Maintaining Healthy School Cultures – The district is dedicated to creating and maintaining safe, caring and orderly schools. We will continue to implement the Paterson Effective Schools Model which includes ten dimensions of school effectiveness to fundamentally change the culture and climate of schools as well as the district office.

          Goal 1: The Paterson Effective Schools Model (PESM)
          Goal 2: Reconfigure schools to increase student engagement
          Goal 3: Revise Student Assignment/School Choice Plan
          Goal 4: Create/maintain clean and safe schools that meet 21st century learning standards

Priority III: Family and Community Engagement – Paterson schools and district culture must be inviting and responsive to the needs of our students, parents and community, as all stakeholders are needed to help support our district mission and to play an active role in its achievement.

          Goal 1: Increase parent and family involvement by expanding and improving PTOs/PTAs
          Goal 2: Create more Full Service Community Schools
          Goal 3: Expand partnerships with Community Organizations, Agencies, and Institutions
          Goal 4: Increase parent education opportunities to meet parents’ needs

Priority IV: Efficient and Responsive Operations – The district’s administrative offices must be well organized, procedures are well-known, and interactions are built on the principles of exemplary customer service. Improved communications (both internal and external) as well as ongoing training of our staff are essential components of an effective and responsive organization.

          Goal 1: Improve Internal and External Communication
          Goal 2: Strengthen customer service orientation in schools and district offices
          Goal 3: Increase Accountability for Performance
          Goal 4: Increase administrative and staff capacity


District Transformation Initiatives 2015-2016

Comprehensive Assessment System

Common Core

Healthy School Culture

Capacity Building

Teacher/ Principal Evaluation

High Impact Interventions

Efficient & Responsive Operations

Star Math & ELA

Instructional Model

Effective Schools

Univ. of Pittsburgh IFL


Breakfast After the Bell

Cliff Planning


CTE Initiative


PreK-3 Literacy Initiative

Leadership Development Institute


Technology Initiative

Unit Assessments


Elementary School Choice

Urban Schools Human Capital Academy


End Social Promotion


Alternative Education

Strategic Data Project


Attendance Initiative


Special Education Restructuring


Graduation Enhancement


High Schools Renewal Initiative


High School Renewal

High School Advisory Committee


Alternative High Schools

John F. Kennedy High School

Eastside High School Transformation

  • 3 Schools-Within-A-School


Progression Plan

High School Transcript Review Process

Dual Enrollment/AP Courses (Effective Academic Programs)

Family and Community Engagement

School Choice – High Schools

School Choice

High School Academies Brochure for 2018-19 School Year:

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Elementary School Choice

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