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District Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

PDFSOP - Administrator Hiring Procedure 2013

PDFSOP - Administrator Hiring Procedure 2014

PDFSOP - Affirmative Action

PDFSOP - Affirmative Action -DYFS Referrals

PDFSOP - Board Resolution(s) - Requisition(s) Process

PDFSOP - Charter School Procedures for Registering and Transporting Students

PDFSOP - Classroom Visits by Administrators (Non-Evaluative)

PDFSOP - Coaches - Supervisory - Monitoring Practices (Coaches Handbook)

PDFSOP - Creation and/or Review of Contracts

PDFSOP - Curriculum 2

PDFSOP - Disruptive Behavior during Remote Instruction

PDF SOP -Dual Language Program EWK SFLS

PDFSOP - End of Year Procedures

PDFSOP - Enrolling & Transferring Students with Disabilities

PDFSOP - GoGuardian

PDFSOP - Guidelines for Assigning Acting-Interim Stipends

PDFSOP - Head Coaches' Assistants Coaches Responsibilities (Daily Attendance Practices & Games)


PDFSOP - In District Bus Accidents-Incident Response

PDFSOP - Legal Assistance and Advice

PDFSOP - Lockdown Procedures

PDFSOP - Medical Emergency Protocol for Staff

PDFSOP - Overtime Request

PDFSOP - Participation in Statewide Assessments

PDFSOP - Personnel on Call Evenings & Weekends for the Following Departments - Technology, Security & Facilities

PDFSOP - Preschool Registration for SPED

PDFSOP - Principals, Vice Principals, Supervisors After School-Saturday-Summer Additional Workday Payment

PDFSOP - Procedures for Requesting Transcripts

PDFSOP - Procedures for Students to Enter into ACES, the Magnet Programs or Newcomers Program

PDFSOP - Release of Student Records

PDFSOP - Requesting PD & Reserving a Conference Room

PDFSOP - Remote Learning Student Attendance

PDFSOP - Schedule Change-High School


PDFSOP - Substitute Administrators

PDFSOP - Transferring of Staff Throughout the District

PDFSOP - Urgent Crisis Teams

PDFSOP - Use of Facilities & Overtime by an Outside Vendor and/or District Staff

PDFSOP - Vacancies


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