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Technology logoThe Department of Technology is the IT department within the Paterson Public School System- PROVIDING THE SCHOOLS WITH RELIABLE STATE-OF-THE-ART NETWORK, COMPUTING RESOURCES AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES.

News & Alerts

The District recently upgraded our McAfee webfilter appliances to provide safer web browsing for our students.
If your device is getting "Security Errors" please download and install the Paterson Public Schools signed certificate.

Windows devices including notebooks and surfaces; MacBooks and IMacs; Google ChromeBooks

Apple mobile devices including iPads and iPhones


Free Security App from McAfee: SiteAdvisorĀ® is a powerful, lightweight security app that secures your browsers and keeps you protected from all kinds of digital dangers. Its primary mission is to block and warn you of malicious sites that might be loaded with malware, or setup to steal your passwords. You can download it here.

bullet Get up-to-the-minute weather information from the Panther Academy Weather Station simply by clicking on this link. Alternatively, you can download and install on your computer the weatherbug application (select Paterson and Panther Academy as your location).

bullet All District issued iPhones and iPads will be managed by Absolute Software Mobile Device Manager.
If you do not have a District iPhone/iPad, please disregard this notice.
Open Safari on your District device and go to:
You will be required to enter your username and password. Additionally, please enter “paterson” in the Domain field.
Please follow the prompts to install and enroll your iPad/iPhone.

bullet District introduces new Help Desk Order System. Instructions on how to enter work orders using Manage Engine Service Desk can be found here.



Your Computer Information







Networking: Managing over 6,000 network accounts, 15000 workstations and mobile devices, 100 application and data servers, along with related peripheral device including printers, hubs, switches, routers, scanners, wireless etc.


Data: Supporting management systems, academic assessment and data systems, providing local, state, and federal reporting, custom database design, and integration.

  • Edumet
  • Fusion

Applications: Supporting academic and administrative programs including productivity tools, virtual learning, and assessment.


Communication: Providing email, phone, web hosting, online and network collaboration and resource sharing.


Purchasing: Coordination of purchases with Schools and other departments.


Employee Purchases: Provide information to help Staff, Teachers, and Students with personal computer purchases.


Printing Services: Provide the Paterson School District with printing services though the Print Shop at John F. Kennedy High School and printers in all district locations.

  • John F. Kennedy High School Print Shop


Help Desk

Contact Us: Extension # 10905
(973-321-0905) or

Hours of operation are weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm







How do I summit a work order?
How do I login to Web Mail

You may Login Here or go to

How do I configure Outlook on an iPad?
How do I connect to the Paterson network from home?
Must I install Absolute Mobile Device Manager on my iPad?

Yes, Absolute Moble Device Manager must be installed on all district owned iPads and iPhones. It is used to track the device if it is lost or stolen.

Click Here for Instructions

How do I contact the Help Desk?

You can call the HelpDest at 10905 or 972-321-0905
You can eMail the Help Desk at

Policies & Procedures












bullet Cisco Systems

bullet Symantec










Jose Correa

Interim Executive Director of Technology

Chris Lewis

Senior System Programmer

Sheryl Green

Help Desk Administrator

Stephanie Gales Varlack

Fiscal Monitor

Marta Sanchez

Help Desk Senior Specialist

Alicia Hughes


Kenny Sumter

Interim Supervisor of Technology

Yacine Abada

Interim Supervisor of Technology

Randy Torres

Field Support Technician

Ruben Ayala

Field Support Technician

Jalal Abdallah

Field Support Technician



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Elementary Schools

Elementary Academies

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