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Department of English Language Arts
Core Beliefs

The English Language Arts department is committed to providing access to an equitable education. As a department we believe that education is a craft, one that is developed over time as the skills, life lessons, and art of teaching and guiding the future generations is mastered. As a staff, we have high expectations for our students and ourselves. In partnership with our growing population of English learners and their families we strive to provide effective and inspiring standards-based instruction in the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing. The department has implemented the workshop model approach to teaching using the “I Do, We Do, You Do” pedagogical method to engage all learners and prepare them for college and career readiness. Students are required to meet high standards of literacy in order to become successful contributing members of society. We believe in the empowerment of all students and staff through an education that includes an understanding of, and value for, diversity. Our goal as the English Language Arts department is to develop life-long learners, instill a love and passion for learning not only in the classroom, but the entire learning community.




pdf Wonderworks Observation Tool

pdf Wonderworks PowerPoint












Novels for Grades 3-5

Grade 3

The Chocolate Touch

Sadako and The Thousand Paper Cranes

Grade 4

Charlotte’s Web

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Grade 5

Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule

The Phantom Tollbooth

Novels for Grades 6-8

Grade 6

Bridge to Terabithia

Tuck Everlasting

Before We Were Free

Grade 7

Esperanza Rising

A Wrinkle in Time


Grade 8

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

The Outsiders

The Hobbit



IFL Web site

2014-2015 IFL English Language Arts Units


Exploring Who We Are (Unit 3)

1st Grade

Me and My Amazing Body (Unit 3)

2nd Grade

Personal Narrative (Unit 3)

3rd Grade

An Investigation into Ocean Animal Life (Unit 3)

4th Grade

Personal Narrative (Unit 1)
Child Labor (Unit 3)

5th Grade

Narrative Unit (Unit 1)
Space and Exploration (Unit 3)

6th Grade

Points of Sleep (Unit 2)
Analysis of Theme (Unit 4)

7th Grade

Modern Issues about Food (Unit 2)
Degrees of Happiness (Unit 4)

8th Grade

Learning to Play (Unit 2)
Forensic Anthropology and the Science of Solving Crimes (Unit 3)

9th Grade

The Ebola Enigma (Unit 3)
Analysis of Theme (Unit 4)

10th Grade

Speeches for Racial Equality (Unit 3)
Analysis of Satire (Unit 4)

11th Grade

The Abolition of Slavery (Unit 3)

12th Grade

Narrating Women Lives (Unit 3)

Institute for Learning Resources

pdf 9 Principles of Learning Observation Sheets

pdf Accountable Talk - Sourcebook

pdf Sample Accountable Talk Stems

pdf Accountable Talk Classroom Posters

pdf Teaching and Learning Feedback Tools

pdf Accountable Talk Chart

pdf Accountable Talk Presentation

pdf Accountable Talk Rubric

pdf Accountable Talk Moves

pdf Accountable Talk Stems

pdf Accountable Talk Stems (Spanish)

pdf IFL Principles of Learning

pdf IFL Power Point Overview

pdf IFL Power Point

pdf Institute for Learning Overview

Institute for Learning (Password Protected)

Institute for Learning Videos

Institute for Learning Units of Study

IFL Objectives and DOL's

pdf Kindergarten IFL Objectives DOLs

pdf 1st Grade IFL Objectives DOLs

pdf 2nd Grade IFL Objectives DOLs

pdf 3rd Grade IFL Objectives DOLs

pdf 4th Grade IFL Objectives DOLs

pdf 5th Grade IFL Objectives DOLs

pdf 6th Grade IFL Objectives DOLs

pdf 7th Grade IFL Objectives DOLs

pdf 8th Grade IFL Objectives DOLs

pdf Accountable Talk Moves and Functions

pdf Accountable Talk Sentence English / Spanish

pdf Accountable Talk Stems (Landscape)

pdf Deskplate Accountable Talk Stems Responses

pdf Patterned Way of Reading, Writing, and Talking





About Renaissance Learning:
We are a technology-based educational company with a primary focus on accelerating K12 learning. Our long line of nationally acclaimed products and professional development offerings make classrooms and schools better places to teach and learn. Students who use our products learn faster. Teachers who use our products teach more effectively. Administrators who use our products meet state standards and Common Core State Standards.

Robert A. James
District Program Manager
Office: (877) 988-8048 Ext. 4522
Direct: (347) 541-0056

Ron Cilente
District Program Manager
(732) 616-8981


pdf Accelerated Reader Parent Guide

pdf Accelerated Reader Parent Guide Spanish:Language ARts  

pdf Accelerated Reader Teacher's Guide

pdf Accelerated Reader Classroom Practices

pdf Accelerated Reader Leveled Libraries Color Coded Guide

pdf Accelerated Reader What Kids are Reading: Non-Fiction

pdf Accelerated Reader What Kids are Reading: Fiction

pdf ATOS Conversion Charts

pdf Renaissance Reading Programs that Report a Lexile Level



2015 District Spelling Bee

Spelling BeeThe Department of Humanities is calling all First, Second, Third and Fourth Grade spellers to the district Spelling Bee!

Date: First and Second Grade Spelling Bee May 29, 2015 and Third and Fourth Grade Spelling Bee April 24, 2015

Time: 8:30-1:30pm

Location: School 24

Additional information please contact:  Wanda Kopic, English Language Arts Supervisor, 973-321-2220 or 

2014 Spelling Bee Winners 2014 Spelling Bee Winners


More photos from last year's Spelling Bee


Contact Us

Wanda Kopic

Supervisor of Language Arts

Kimeko Austin-Jones

Senior Specialist

Amanda Kopesky (maternity leave)

Supervisor of Language Arts








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