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Philosophy of Arts Education

Fine Art

Arts education is an essential part of school curriculum and life. In a purely education sense, arts are important to education reform and gives meaning to cognitive, psychomotor, kinesthetic, and affective domains of learning. The arts specialist establishes a hallmark of quality learning that will continue to enhance the academic, social, cultural, and behavioral development of the student throughout adult life.


There are five units to assist arts educators in implementing the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standard for the visual and performing arts, including dance, music, theatre, and visual art.

Core Beliefs

 We believe that…

  • The arts, a core content, is valued by reformers in both the education and business communities; a subject that engages explicit learning in analyzing , reasoning, problem solving, higher-order thinking, articulating, and synthesizing within a continuum of flexibility, persistence, collaboration, and cooperation to accomplish a common goal.
  • The arts make all schools a better place to be before, during, and after school. Lives and communities are changed; Diversity is accepted and encouraged as students learn to study and play together so that as adults, will garner the same respect in work and life. Music, dance, theatre, visual arts, and media arts, allow students to become part of the human heritage of creating, producing, and responding.
  • Education can no longer be defined without the arts. Participation demonstrates infinite knowledge building strategies that are systemic and unique to the learner and a necessary part of 21st century skills in a changing global society. Although it may seem effortless to integrate arts within an interdisciplinary setting, it is not; however the nomenclature, and constructs for learning allow the arts to stand alone.
  • PPS will continue to build capacity through teaching and learning, in the following: professional growth seminars, webinars, post graduate and intercollegiate studies. The opportunities for continued learning will provide educational equity and equal arts access across schools that will be:
    • Relevant toward student learning 
    • Rich learning experiences that are sensitive to a variety of instructional approaches.
    • Research based within a wide range of historical, contemporary, and developmental resources that will increase positive social interaction and validate student achievement through arts education.
  • No child in an American school should be deprived of an arts education.


 Adapted from NAEP 2008 ARTS FRAMEWORK, Arts 21st Century Skill Map, and the 2011 New Jersey Arts Education Census Project.

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