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The Division of Assessment, Planning & Evaluation is responsible for coordinating and implementing student assessment throughout the district. 
Our goals are to:

  • Manage federal, state, and district testing initiatives
  • Provide accurate and timely information regarding testing purposes, procedures, and results (national, state, district) to relevant school and district staff
  • Assist and advise on the development and adoption  of assessments


The Division of Assessment, Planning & Evaluation supports all levels of the organization to ensure that student achievement results are used to drive instructional decisions and improve learning opportunities for all students.

The values that guide our work are:

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration




2021-2022 K-12 Assessment Calendar





ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Total Testing Time (Computer-Based):

Students work at their own pace using the following guidelines:

Listening: Up to approximately 40 minutes

Reading: Up to approximately 35 minutes

Speaking: Up to approximately 30 minutes

Writing Tier A: Up to approximately 45 minutes

Writing Tier B/C: Up to approximately 60 minutes


NJSLA-Science Total Testing Time (Computer-Based)**:

Grade 5: 180 minutes

Grade 8: 180 minutes

Grades 11: 240 minutes


NJSLA-English Language Arts & Mathematics Total Testing Time (Computer-Based)**:


Grades 3-8: 180 minutes

Algebra I, Geometry & Algebra II: 180 minutes

English Language Arts/Literacy:

Grade 3: 150 minutes

Grades 4-8: 180 minutes

Grades 9-10: 180 minutes


NAEP Total Testing Time (Computer-Based)**:

Grade 4: 180 minutes

Grade 8: 180 minutes


* Required by State

** Per State March 2019 updated Unit Testing Times


It is very important to note that all students may not be administered all assessments. If a student is permitted extra time or any other accommodations by their 504 or IEP, parent/ guardians should contact their guidance office/special services for additional details on accommodations and accessibility options. Students with severe cognitive disabilities may be assigned to take the DLM assessments as prescribed by their IEP team.


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Contact Us

Main phone number: (973) 321-0867

Mr. Luis Valentin

Acting Director of Assessment
Phone: (973)321-0373

Lovey Rogers

Administrative Secretary

Frank Pajuelo

973 321-0845

Ana C. Zuñiga

Specialist of Assessment, Planning & Evaluation
Phone: (973)321-0875

Haifa Zahroon

Supervisor Of Data Management
Phone: (973)321-0871

Group email address:


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